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Kategorie: Vortrag
Von: Peter Wäckerle

Vortrag Mai 2017

Wann: Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Datum: Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Zeit: 19:30 Uhr

Ort: Raum 205, 2. OG, Universität Bern, Hauptgebäude, Hochschulstrasse 4, 3012 Bern

Referent: Prof. Dr. Demory, CSH, Uni Bern

Quest for other Earths: The Trappist-1 system

An intriguing planetary system lies forty light-years away from us. Seven temperate planets, with the sizes of the Earth, revolve in tight orbits around a star that is 10 times smaller than our Sun.

The TRAPPIST-1 system represents today our best opportunity to study habitability beyond our solar system. I will describe the discovery of the system and explain its remarkable nature. We will then see how the future ground- and space-based telescopes will enable us to look for signs of life in the atmospheres of these planets. I will also tell numerous anecdotes that have punctuated this exciting scientific endeavour.

Vortrag in englischer Sprache.
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